Christine Peterson: CPP Program ’14

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State Farm Projects:

  • Social Recruiting Research Paper: Researched different social recruiting methods used by various companies, compared those with State Farm social recruiting, and created a series of recommendations for EREC as to which steps should be taken next.
  • Language Testing Table Revisions: Addressed missing task analyses, incorrect job codes, incorrect job titles, and unclear language proficiency levels in order to create a table of language testing proficiency levels that is up to date and accurate.
  • Candidates Over 50 Research: Researched the specific job market of candidates over 50 to deduce if it is a viable target group to employ in the call centers in the hubs.

Western Avenue Projects:

  • Needs Assessment Survey: Devised a survey to assess the usage of WACC’s secondary location, the Lawrence Irvin Neighborhood Center, distributed the survey in the immediate area of the center, recorded the survey data using SPSS, then analyzed the data with SPSS and produced a report for the board members.
  • WACC Client Map: Used an online map generator to enter client addresses and produce a clear visual of WACC’s reach. Each program has its own layer and color within the map, allowing WACC to maneuver the map and show the reach of each program individually or the overall reach of WACC

Christine’s Grant:

My grant was written in order to fund a Ladies’ Night event at LINC, with the purpose of giving the women in the community a night off. The event is geared towards the high population of single mothers in the neighborhood, and child care will be provided at Boys and Girls Club to ensure they can attend the event whether or not they have someone to watch their kids. The night will include yoga, bellydancing, Avantis’ catering, DIY mani-pedi station, sharpie mug decorating station, and they will leave with a gift bag containing a scented candle, various pamphlets of relevant information from other organizations such as YWCA, MCCA, and Milestones, and Dove chocolates.

A Note From Christine:

Big thank you’s to my State Farm team and to my WACC team, in particular my supervisors Jean and Amy. Couldn’t have done any of this without their help. And thank you to State Farm, Lara, and Deborah for making this internship possible!