WBRP Housing Initiative-Visual Marketing

Political Science major, Nicole Jovicevic (’16), chose to help the West Bloomington Revitalization Project for her Fall Action Research Seminar Project. The WBRP has a housing initiative focused on home improvement projects. In order to attract more applicants for this initiative and to create a visually stimulating overview for the current investors, Nicole collected the information needed to create two pamphlets. This included conducting several interviews and using various Adobe applications to create the product. Overall, this product will help advertising initiatives for the housing initiative in West Bloomington, and encourage future investors to give to the WBRP.

Porch Project 1 montage-1
A short reflection from Nicole:
It has been an honor working on this project for the WBRP. Although I generally like hearing stories, having the opportunity to meet with residents of West Bloomington really allowed me to connect with the community and see the difference our volunteers were having. The personal stories and endless praises for the work of the WBRP housing initiative furthered my passion and interest in helping the community and investing my own time outside of this class to community improvement.
 Porch 2.5