Kogleman ’11 Receives Google Grant for Habitat for Humanity

In 2010, Nick Kogleman, a Business Administration major, received a grant from the Google Foundation for $30,000 for McLean County Habitat for Humanity, his partner in the Community Partnership Program.

When paired with McLean County Habitat for Humanity, Kogelman worked on the organization’s website and helped  promote events online. ARC Director Deborah Halperin suggested he assist Habitat with a grant proposal, and he immediately thought of Google.org, the the foundation side of the search-engine giant Google, Inc. “We learned about Google.org in a class I took with [Assistant Professor of Business Administration Sascha] Vitzthum,” said Kogelman. The course also introduced him to AdWords, the program Google uses to place advertisements. “It’s the program that allows sponsored ads to be matched with certain search words that are entered into the engine,” he said.

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