Casey during her ARC days

Casey Plach: CPP Program ’13

State Farm: At State Farm I am in Enterprise Compliance and Ethics. My work this summer has involved researching laws and regulations for the Life/Health compliance risk assessment and pairing my findings with the appropriate risk statements on the Life/Health execution template. My research will help Life/Health identify and understand the laws and regulations it Read more about Casey Plach: CPP Program ’13[…]

Nettie Rauch: CPP Program ’13

State Farm: I worked in multicultural business development doing research on Hispanic, African American, and LGBT markets. The research will be used to show the business opportunity and need for an updated marketing strategy for these markets. I also did some work with public affairs to develop a self-assessment tool for nonprofits to use to Read more about Nettie Rauch: CPP Program ’13[…]

Austin Borton: CPP Program ’13

State Farm: I was involved in various types of legal research. I analyzed Kansas city ordinances and researched state laws regarding an up and coming mobile app project. Also, I created a policy brief regarding car sharing.  Community: At Prairie State Legal Services, I assisted the lawyers every Thursday with the “Lawyer in the Courtroom” Read more about Austin Borton: CPP Program ’13[…]

Blair Wright CPP intern

Blair Wright: CPP Program ’13

State Farm:  At Next Door, my first project was to explore the upcoming reforms in healthcare both at a national and a local level.  This material was then used by our team to understand what conversations we may encounter with our community members and to prepare for these discussions in the coming months of change.  Read more about Blair Wright: CPP Program ’13[…]

Marjorie Miller: CPP Program ’13

State Farm: I worked in the Customer Care Center alongside analysts in the administration department. I assisted in the completion of various reports and executive summaries involving employee attrition, call volume in the CCC, and EOM.   Community: My Community Partner was the Bloomington-Normal YMCA. I created a member survey that will be used to give Read more about Marjorie Miller: CPP Program ’13[…]

Colleen during her ARC days

Colleen Luckey: CPP Program ’13

At State Farm: Surveyed Deployment Specialists, Field Supervisors, and agents on a new way of filing auto claims that is rolling out gradually. We wanted to gather data on best practices for encouraging successful adoption of this Initial Loss Reporting (ILR) among agents that might be hesitant to use a new process. I presented these Read more about Colleen Luckey: CPP Program ’13[…]