May 292018

Howard Fricke ’60 and Sharon (Linton) Fricke ’60 and their Legacy Graduate, grandson Brandon Fricke ’18

Mr. David S. Fricke ’85, Mr. Brandon D. Fricke ’18, Mrs. Sharon Linton Fricke ’60 and Mr. Howard R. Fricke ’60 –  Legacy Graduates 2018 Legacy Photos. Illinois Wesleyan photo by Robert Frank III

Apr 272018

Dianne Williamson ’62 was nominated for the YWCA McLean County 2018 Women of Distinction award!

Each year YWCA McLean County gives special recognition to women who have made their mark on our community. The Women of Distinction award, a YWCA national initiative, is the focus of the event and recognizes the professional and personal achievement of women. Proceeds from the event benefit the diverse programs offered through YWCA McLean County.

Recipients of the YWCA Women of Distinction Award have a shared commitment to give something back to other women in our community, so they created and fund the WINGS Award, which is also presented at the Women of Distinction Award Banquet. The WINGS award is intended to encourage development in women, both professionally and personally, through mentoring and financial support. The award is given annually to a Woman to Improve her skills for a Notable purpose which allows her to Grow professionally and to achieve Success.

Congratulations on your nomination, Dianne!

Read more about the award here.

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Apr 242018

We are saddened to inform you that David L. Fuller ’60 passed away on January 24, 2018, in Bloomington.  David spent the majority of his public education career in the Prairie Central School District.

David will be deeply missed by all those whose lives he touched.

His obituary can be viewed on the East Lawn Funeral Home website, here.

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Apr 242018
Emil Ludy ’61 is a player/coach of the Illinois Ice (70+) team.  They won the second place silver cup; losing to Michigan 6-3 in the championship game Sunday 4/22. The Illinois Ice has 4 gold cups and 5 silver cups in the age 50+,65+ and 70+ age brackets since 2011 at the National Tournament.You can see the scores and tournament bracket here.
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Apr 052018

James Proctor Brown III ’62 gave the January lecture to the Torch Club of Southampton Roads on ‘Understanding African Art’. In March he was presented with the Moultrie Guerry Award for the best paper of 2016-17 entitled ‘Kenya: An Historic Safari.’ He was also interviewed for WTVZ about the history of the Peace Corps, along with some personal experiences.

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Apr 022018

Metropolitan Opera Bass-baritone William Powers ’64 will offer a 90 minute Vocal Recital
accompanied by William Billingham of Chicago’s Lyric Opera on Sunday afternoon, April 15th
at 3:00 pm at the Auditorium of the Barrington White House ( across the street from the Catlow
Theater in downtown Barrington ). Selections from opera ( in costume and make-up! ) will be
followed by selections from the Great American Songbook, and more. Information available at
(224) 512-4292, or at

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Apr 022018


Tuesday, April 3rd is our day of giving at Illinois Wesleyan and this year’s theme is
Think Bigger!
Not only is today a day for giving, it’s a day to celebrate IWU and all of the things that make it special.  Check out last year’s leaderboard for some of the 60s classes:

1964-4 donors-$1,800
1965-4 donors-$3,850
1966-8 donors-$8,150
1967-6 donors-$920
1968-11 donors-$4,895
1969-14 donors-$2,560

Look at the significant impact our classes made! How can we #ThinkBigger this year?
Shall we make it a class competition this year? Please encourage your classmates to join you in being #AllInForWesleyan!

Click here to learn more and to donate on Tuesday, April 3rd.
Help spread the word using #AllInForWesleyan and take advantage of our social media toolkit.

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Mar 222018

Justin Kronewetter’s ’62 next exhibition of photographic artwork will occur in the
Crossroads Gallery For Contemporary Art at the University of Notre
Dame in South Bend, Indiana.  The exhibition is to be on display from
May 20 to July 20, 2018.  The exhibition will be titled “Purposeful

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