Feb 272018

We remember the following alumni who have passed and celebrate their lives.

Terry Adreon ’60 – 8/15/17, Anne (Hadaway) Andruczk ’61 – 1/15/16, William Carter ’62 – 5/4/17, Barbara Douglas, Ph.D. ’62 – 3/4/15, Donald Dowling ’67 – 6/8/17, Robert Enkey ’68 – 5/28/17, Cyril Frevert ’61 – 12/16/17, Stanley Grubb ’67 -3/3/17, Dennis Gustavson ’65 – 9/10/17, Douglas Holman ’68 – 5/28/17, Judith (Schulze) Jaeger ’66 – 10/15/16, Wallace Malmborg ’60 – 4/3/15, Michael Neal ’66 – 1/10/95, Steven Reeser ’69 – 8/30/17, Joan (Kroutil) Stein ’60 – 3/26/17, David Taft ‘ 69 – 5/5/17, John Unger ’62 – 4/28/17, Charles Wills ’60 – 10/28/17

If an obituary was found online, we have made an individual post to remember those alumni. You can search by name in the right of your class newsletter.

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Feb 272018

In the fall of 2017 Don Roth ’62 organized a group of IWU Sigma Chi’s from the classes of 1960 through 1964 in the Chicago area to celebrate more than 55 years of brotherhood and friendship. Those able to make the reunion were: (from back, left) Justin Kronewetter ’62, Garr Becker ’61, Bill Rapp ’64, Craig Rabiega ’64, Brad Handley ’63, Val Lecas ’60, Charles Hawker ’62, Emil Ludy ’61, Dave Adams ’63; (front), Curt Tobin ’63, Ron Zehr ’62, Bob Janssen ’63.  Don Roth pictured in seperate post.


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Feb 272018


In the fall of 2017 Don Roth ’62 organized a group of IWU Sigma Chi’s from the classes of 1960 through 1964 decided to meet in the Chicago area to celebrate more than 55 years of brotherhood and friendship. Others able to make the reunion can be seen in the next post.

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Feb 092018

On Tuesday, PEN America announced that David Kindred ’63 won the PEN/ESPN Lifetime Achievement in Literary Sports Writing. The award is given “to a living sports writer for literary merit and dedication to sports writing with keen knowledge, insight, and a literary voice.”

Kindred began his career at the Bloomington Pantagraph in 1959 after attending IWU. Since 1966, Kindred has written for the Louisville Courier-Journal, Louisville Times, The Washington Post, Atlanta Journal Constitution, The National and Sporting News.

His work includes Heroes, Fools and Other Dreamers: A Sportswriter’s Gallery of Extraordinary People, Around the World in 18 Holes, For the Love of the Game: Women Who Go Toe-To-Toe With the Men, Morning Miracle: Inside the Washington Post The Fight to Keep a Great Newspaper Alive, and Sound and Fury: Two Powerful Lives, One Fateful Friendship.

Since 2010, Kindred has written an online blog about the Morton High School girls basketball team.

Read the article from the Chillicothe Times-Bulletin here: http://www.chillicothetimesbulletin.com/sports/20180207/dave-kindred-wins-pen-america-espn-lifetime-achievement-award-for-literary-sports-writing

Read more about the PEN America award winners here: https://pen.org/2018-lifetime-career-achievement-honorees/

Congratulations, David!

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Jan 302018

Richard Jenkins, a graduate for the IWU School of Theater Arts, has been nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for the film The Shape of Water.  Jenkins has also been nominated for a Golden Globe, Screen Actor’s Guild, and Critics Choice Awards for his role as Giles.

This is Jenkins second Academy Award nomination. He was nominated for Best Actor for his starring role in The Visitor in 2007.  He also won an Emmy for Outstanding Actor in a Limited Series for Olive Kitteridge in 2015.

For additional information please click here

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Jan 232018

Longtime journalist, Steve Vogel ’68 spoke with members of the IWU Ethics Bowl Team about the credibility of journalism in today’s society. You can read more about the Ethics Bowl, Steve, and what was discussed by clicking here.

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Jan 222018

How well do you know Illinois Wesleyan University?
4. Eric
5. Stevenson
7. Powell
8. Sapientia
10. State
12. Hedding
13. Black
15. Aflame
1. Japan
2. Illinois
3. Memorial
6. Tommy
9. Titan
11. Female
14. Park

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Dec 212017

2016-10-01 IWU Homecoming. The class of 1966 celebrated their 50 reunion at Bloomington Country Club. Photo by Marc Featherly.

Please help us identify some of your classmates. Please send corrections by clicking in the comments in the upper right hand corner of the post if we have anyone incorrectly labeled:

Front row left to right:  Carol (Coons) Hayner ’66, Unknown Woman in brown geometric print top and glasses, Carol (Gray) Beaman ‘66

Second row left to right: Janice (Stackhouse) Clark ’66, Fran (Olson) Rouzee ’66, Judith (Elbert) Favell ’66, Marjorie (Ticknor) Hazelton ‘66, Mary Jo( Catlin) Loder ’66, Connie (Leach) Larson ’66

Third Row left to right:  Candace (Martin) Hunter ’66, Mary (Wade) Baker ‘66, Denny Matthews ’66, Kathryn (Shouse) Tornquist ’66, Larry Bross ’66, Dick Healy ’66, Gayle Rathbun ‘66

Fourth Row:  Dick Muirhead ’66, James Gresham ’66, William Larson ’66, Tom Burmeister ’66, Robert Whitley ’66, Dr. Georgia (Griffith) Whitley ‘66