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Animal testing still pressing issue

Casey Williams   To those of you who either are unaware or choose not to acknowledge it, animal testing is still a very real problem. For the conscientious objectors that are both aware and deeply appalled by this process, it can be difficult to do simple, everyday things. Shopping, for […]


Ask Anna: Keeping up with Class

Ask Anna: Keeping up with Class Anna Lowenthal   Q: Dear Anna, I’m struggling with feeling like all of my class material is above my head. I can’t tell if the class is genuinely hard or if I’m just not on the same level as my peers. What do I […]


Top 5: Signs of a youthful heart and old soul

Michelle Wong   I was talking to a friend recently, and in passing he said one of the most intriguing things –something along the lines of: “Some old people are actually quite young, and some young people are actually quite old. It’s all about how you spend your time, and […]


Glass offers IWU students a new perspective

Glass offers IWU students a new perspective

Amelia Smith   Depending how closely you read the e-mails that our University sends us, you may have heard that Illinois Wesleyan University recently received Glass, the optical head mounted display being developed by Google. This announcement was followed by a call for applications to use the device in a […]


IWU’s Korean Culture Club hosts activists LINK

Nick Cocorikis   The Korean Culture Club hosted LINK in the Main Lounge on Tuesday, Nov. 4 to speak about the growing liberty and freedom inside North Korea. LINK, which stands for Liberty in North Korea, is a non-profit organization based in California focused on raising money to help North […]


Man on the Run an album not to be pursued

Zane Nyhus   Two decades after reaching fame (and perhaps their peak) with their six-time multi-platinum album Sixteen Stone, it seems that the last time that the band Bush was relevant was when Childish Gambino used them in the song “Freaks and Geeks,”  for his lyric ‘In the back of […]


Remember, remember the month of November

Casey Williams   Can you hear those sleigh bells ringing in the air? If you can, you might seriously consider having your ears checked, because it is the beginning of November and there is a full month (almost two) and a major holiday between now and Christmas. Big stores love […]


Rhythm comes naturally to Swedish pop band

Eric Novak   Pop music is typically music of high production levels. Whether it’s the synth pop of Lady Gaga or the folk music of Mumford & Sons, there is an emphasis on a clean sound and a harmonic center built normally on some form of guitar, bass, drums, vocals […]


Titans unable to keep up with nationally-ranked North Central College

Titans unable to keep up with nationally-ranked North Central College

Sam LaLonde   Saturday’s return of first-year quarterback Jack Warner wasn’t enough to save the Titans from dropping their third straight game, this time to the Cardinals of North Central College. After going down 21-0 early in the game, Illinois Wesleyan University was unable to overcome the large deficit despite […]


Hawks provide hope for die-hard Chicago fans

Brian Morefield     I remember it as if it happened yesterday. Sitting at a bar in downtown Naperville, donning my Corey Crawford jersey with a Bud Light in hand, I watched in horror as an Alec Martinez goal off of a Nick Leddy deflection led to a game seven […]