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IWU activists become first students to aid Scholar at Risk

By Mary Nicholas, News Editor Illinois Wesleyan University students are working to assist scholars such as Guangcheng Chen, a Chinese man suffering at the hands of his government for publishing incriminating evidence of the nation’s forced abortion policy. The organization these students are acting through is called Scholars at Risk […]


Unique pets add variety

Brenda Miller, Columnist Whenever anyone asks if I have pets, I get a lot of reactions, ranging from enthusiastic interest to slight disgust. My house is a miniature zoo.  Along with a golden retriever, we have a box turtle, a painted turtle, a skink (a type of lizard), a bearded […]


Love is a muse grown “stale” since Sinatra

Erik Novak, Columnist Love is a powerful thing. Some people base their entire lives on the pursuit of love in all of the wrong places, and others spend their entire lives in loneliness, believing love has wronged them. Regardless of one’s perspective on love, you can’t escape it in the […]


This Week In Nature: Holy springtime, Batman: Robins return to IWU

This Week In Nature: Holy springtime, Batman: Robins return to IWU

By Joe Phipps, Staff Writer The weather becomes more and more like spring each day, and new spring milestones are being reached every week. This week has marked one of the most fundamental milestones: the return of the robin. And no, “the return of the robin” isn’t the latest Batman […]


Romney regains primary momentum

Romney regains primary momentum

By Brexton Isaacs, Staff Writer After a few uneventful weeks in the race for the Republican nomination for President, there have finally been a few noteworthy contests and even more laughable gaffes by the candidates. As the first big contest since Rick Santorum’s three-state sweep in Missouri, Minnesota and Colorado […]


Film portrays “Valor,” but leads can’t “Act”

Film portrays “Valor,” but leads can’t “Act”

By Chris Francis, Editor-In-Chief When an action movie features gunfights with live ammunition, you know it means business. And when those real, deadly bullets are being fired by the world’s most rigorously trained soldiers, you know the action scenes are in good hands. Fighting against terrorist conspirators both in real […]


IWU alumnae share professional advice with current students

By Kristina Dolak, Staff Reporter According to the Prudential Research Study, 95 percent of family financial decisions are made by women. But when compared to men, women have less self-confidence in their capabilities, according to Director of Alumni Relations Ann Harding. To help women gain the confidence they need in […]


From Presser Hall to the Met Alum passes on performance techniques

By Mary Nicholas, News Editor “Fa la la” means more than you ever dreamed according to Illinois Wesleyan University vocal performance alum Kyle Pfortmiller, ’92, who returned to IWU offering two master classes and a recital tonight in Westbrook Auditorium at 7:30 p.m. Though currently working as a professional opera […]


Internet inspires interesting trends

Jonathan Gholson, Staff Writer Even though it has only been about 20 years since the World Wide Web launched, I could go on about how the Internet has potentially started a new Renaissance—what with our new ability to instantly share news, art, and, in the words of Sir Arthur C. […]


Society lacks true individuality

Mallika Kavadi, Staff Writer Popular culture and social media today reflect an obsession with being different, standing out from the crowd whether you are nerd, jock, emo or goth. On Facebook, every user tries to make their profile stand out as much as possible, and being “like everyone else” has […]