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Taking a break isn’t always bad

By Katie Sill, columnist This time last year, I found myself in a peculiar situation. I had built a comfortable life during my time at Illinois Wesleyan University, and I wasn’t quite ready to let go. I was set to graduate in December 2012 after my double major forced me […]


Ask Anna: tips for tipsy Titans

By Anna Lowenthal, opinions editor Q: Dear Anna, what do you think about underage drinking? A: I’ll be the first to say that college is a time to go out, explore, try new things and find ourselves along the way. Sometimes, this means that college kids participate in underage drinking. […]


Letter to the Editor

Immediately after reading the recent article in your paper on IWU students coming out about being hazed or hearing about types of hazing that was practiced, I could not help but write something about the other side of the issue. As somebody who is a member of a Greek organization […]


Presenting the right Christmas presents

BRENDA MILLER, COLUMNIST Even if you did not go shopping on Black Friday, it is nearly impossible to miss the constant barrage of advertisements for sales touting the “lowest prices of the year.” Finding gifts for any reason—birthdays, anniversaries, holidays—can be extremely stressful.  You don’t have just one person to […]


Iannucci named IWU men’s lacrosse head coach

KINZIE SCHWEIGERT, SPORTS EDITOR   Last month, the Illinois Wesleyan University Athletic Department announced that they would add men’s and women’s lacrosse teams to its list of varsity sports. Both teams will compete in the College Conference of Illinois and Wisconsin, and the men’s team will begin play next spring […]


Students’ hazing experiences on IWU campus come to light: Greek leaders respond to controversy

ANNA LOWENTHAL, STAFF REPORTER CHRIS FRANCIS, EDITOR-IN-CHIEF   Despite Illinois Wesleyan University’s attempts over the years to put an end to hazing, both allegations and instances of hazing practiced by fraternities and sororities are emerging this semester. At the request of all eight victims/witnesses of hazing The Argus interviewed for […]


RA questions race dynamics within Office of Residential Life

RA questions race dynamics within Office of Residential Life

  “THE GADLFY,” COLUMNIST RAs are supposed to follow ORL’s mission statement: “to facilitate enjoyable, sustainable and inclusive communities that support and enhance students’ academic achievement and personal development.” However, RAs aren’t doing this. Members of my RA staff make fun of their residents – international students and people of […]


Staff Editorial – Students shouldn’t be afraid to come forward on hazing

Staff Editorial – Students shouldn’t be afraid to come forward on hazing

Hazing is any activity or experience expected of or forced on a person joining or maintaining status in a group that humiliates, degrades or risks emotional or physical harm regardless of that person’s willingness to cooperate. Every person has personal boundaries and, when those lines are crossed, what does a […]


Give a dam about this sanctuary

Give a dam about this sanctuary

By Joe Phipps, Staff Writer Sometimes we all need to get away from the stresses of everyday life.  As finals approach, escaping the library becomes more important than ever, and I am a firm believer that nature is one of life’s greatest stress relievers. While there are many places that […]


Corrie verdict hurts Israel’s reputation

By Jenn Oswald, Columnist On March 16, 2003, a 23 year old American woman named Rachel Corrie was crushed to death by an Israeli Army Bulldozer in Gaza. Corrie was a part of a group of young pro-Palestinian peace activists that were taking part in non-violent protests at the height […]