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Staff Editorial- “Take Back the Tap” fights for a wetter tomorrow

The Northern Pacific Ocean is earning itself a new name: the Pacific Trash Vortex.  According to National Geographic, the ocean houses a 1.33 million square mile landfill in this area.  According to the LA Times, 90 percent of this waste is plastic. Despite general apathy, plastic water bottle usage is […]


LGBTQ are equal too

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By Eric Novak, Columnist Just recently, I had the displeasure of reading an article about an Indiana school’s efforts to introduce a ban on LGBTQ students going to the school’s prom. This absurd notion has been pushed forward by a group of Christian parents, preachers and teachers in the community. […]


Ask Anna: eater’s digest

        By Anna Lowenthal, Columnist       Q: Dear Anna, how do I know what to eat in front of others?   A: I’ll have to admit, I really don’t understand the reason behind lunch interviews, meetings or even dates. What’s the point of dressing nice […]


Keep your secrets anonymous

          By Brenda Miller, Columnist   Everyone has secrets and usually more than one. Some are just secrets to a few people but are open knowledge to most friends or even acquaintances. Others aren’t known beyond the realm of our own mind. Residence Hall Association’s Post […]


The “hairy” situation

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            By Michelle Wong, Columnist   I know you guys think that we girls are effortlessly and perfectly groomed, always smell nice and straight up don’t grow body hair. But you’re wrong. During the warmer months, we put in a lot of work into not […]


Drag Ball drones on talent alone

Drag Ball drones on talent alone

    Walking to Hansen on Friday night, I was surprised at the number of dresses and high heels I saw, especially since it was the beginning of February. But even more surprising was seeing those dresses on the guys I usually see in Shirk’s weight room. While it may […]


Lunar New Year snakes its way to IWU

Most people you’d ask would be able to tell you if they’re a Cancer or a Leo, but what about if they’re a Monkey or a Dog? Even if you’re not sure where you fall in the Chinese zodiac, Illinois Wesleyan University’s Asian Pacific Student Association and the Asian Studies […]


Student Art Exhibit opens

By Tia Sprengel, Editor-In-Chief From Tuesday, Feb. 5 till Thursday, Feb. 21, Illinois Wesleyan University’s Merwin and Wakeley Galleries will be hosting the 26th Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition. A yearly exposition that allows students to showcase their artwork, the Student Art Exhibition held its opening ceremony on Tuesday, Feb. […]


First glance inside State Farm Hall impresses

First glance inside State Farm Hall impresses

By Ashton Moss, News Editor No longer called the new building, State Farm Hall is closing in on the day that it will officially open. Excitement around campus is tangible as student, faculty and staff prepare to christen the new hall and say goodbye to Shaw Hall. “Since I came […]


Men’s basketball goes 10-0

By Mackenzie Astling, Sports Writer The now No. 9 Illinois Wesleyan University men’s basketball team walked off the court one step closer to the coveted conference championship with a 79-64 win on Saturday, Feb. 2 against the Wheaton College Thunder. The fighting Titans improved to 10-0 in the College Conference […]