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Don’t diss alternative education

By Michelle Wong, columnist Before I came to Illinois Wesleyan University, I spent a year getting my cosmetology license. I commonly hear among other students that alternative forms of education are somehow less legitimate, are the result of laziness in high school or won’t actually get you a successful career. […]


Killing the small talk

By Brenda Miller, columnist It is an introvert’s worst nightmare. A friend drags you to some gathering you did not want to attend, and one look around confirms that you know nobody beyond that one friend. Then your friend gets called away, leaving you alone with two options: stand there […]


Cleaning up your act

Cleaning up your act

By Kaitlyn Wayman-Dodd, columnist Last Wednesday, I spent far too long ranting to my roommate about how people were being disrespectful to our custodians. Coincidentally, the next day was Custodian Appreciation Day. My floor was great. We got Tammy, our custodian, a gift, and several of us wrote her handwritten […]


Ask Anna: no need to hibernate

By Anna Lowenthal, Opinions Editor Q: Dear Anna, how do I make it through the next six weeks of winter? A: There’s no denying it – once Christmas and New Year’s are over, there’s pretty much nothing to do besides sit and wait for springtime to come around. Unfortunately, that […]


Staff Editorial – Students should shift parking complaints down a gear

Parking on North Main is a hazard, especially when parallel parking is a rare skill, and anyone who lives on the Illinois Wesleyan University campus or drives to school knows that it can be an adventure to find a spot every single day. But how much do students really know […]


ARC hosts annual MILK Jr. teach-in

By Tia Sprengel, Editor-In-Chief On Monday, Jan. 21 at 1:00 p.m., the Hansen Student Center featured Illinois Wesleyan University’s annual Martin Luther King Jr. teach-in as part of its week-long celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Hosted by the Action Research Center (ARC) since 2005, the Martin Luther King […]


Controversies shock the sports world

By Eric Hennessey, Sports Columnist To anyone who has watched sports programming recently, shows like ESPN’s “SportsCenter” have better resembled a soap opera than a sporting news program. Much of the coverage has been devoted to all the prevalent stories of lies, deceit, scandal and controversy that are currently rocking […]


Snail mail, not email

By Brenda Miller, Columnist Ever since I was a kid, I have loved getting mail.  When I was younger and I got mail, it was usually something exciting, like an invitation to a birthday party or a card for some special occasion. When you go to the mailbox now and […]


“Betta” get educated on caring for your fishy friends

By Michelle Wong, Columnist The day I got a Betta fish was probably one of the most exciting days in my college career. When I woke up that morning, I could just feel that that day was going to be the day. I pounded on my friend’s door and forcibly […]


Get a new look at feminism

By Rachel Doose, Columnist As a member Illinois Wesleyan’s Feminism: Equality Matters club, I have encountered many different reactions to the fact that there is an organized feminist group on campus. Some are freaked out by the word “feminist,” some are distantly supportive, and a few are even genuinely excited […]