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Offensive ideas turn some against Intellectual Standard

Brenda Miller, Staff Writer I consider Illinois Wesleyan University to be a campus harboring advanced independent thought.  As such, I also consider most people on campus to be intellectuals, and I am always excited to learn about new ideas from people well-versed in areas foreign to me.  The idea of […]


Founder’s Day speaker urges students to “catch on fire” through action and passion

By Mary Nicholas, News Editor On Wednesday, Feb. 7, Illinois Wesleyan University celebrated its 162nd Founder’s Day through a combination of social awareness and free cake. Sister Helen Prejean, author of the Pulitzer Prize-nominated book Dead Man Walking: An Eyewitness Account of the Death Penalty in the United States, spoke […]


Film Festival to share “Love, or Lack Thereof”

By Tia Sprengel, Managing Editor In honor of Valentine’s Day, Illinois Wesleyan University’s Office of Student Activities has collaborated with professors and students alike to host an International Film Festival. The festival’s three films, following the theme “Love, or Lack Thereof,” will be shown, one each day, throughout the weekend […]


IWU Wind Ensemble ushers “End of World”

IWU Wind Ensemble ushers “End of World”

By Eric Novak, Staff Writer For those of you who are not in on the musical activities occurring around campus, the Illinois Wesleyan University Wind Ensemble has just recently premiered a piece for the first time in Illinois. “End of the World”, written by Pulitzer Prize in Music nominee Michael […]


Real Smartypants to visit campus

Real Smartypants to visit campus

By Courtney Keenan, Staff Writer Let’s be honest with each other—there really isn’t anything to do on Thursday evenings. So just record Parks and Recreation and you’ll be free to come out and meet the hilarious blogger Mimi Smartypants and poet Matt Guenette,  brought to Illinois Wesleyan University by Tributaries, […]


Student art show draws in viewers

By Becky Ebben, Staff Writer The 25th anniversary of anything is usually met by a good amount of fanfare, but the Ames School of Art’s 25th Annual Juried Student Exhibition was a surprisingly low-key event. On Tuesday, Feb. 7, a group of students, professors, and community members gathered in the […]


Titan teams think Adams is the “cat’s meow”

Sports Columnist Kinzie Schweigert Illinois Wesleyan University has a super fan, and his name is Matt “the Cat” Adams. Whether you recognize him from the waving towel during basketball timeouts, seeing him in the Athletic Offices or as the bat boy for the Illinois Wesleyan University baseball team, Adams is […]


Titans struggle to find consistency

Staff Writer Bobby Bailey Following the loss to North Central College on Tuesday, Jan. 31, the Titans broke a two-game losing streak and bounced back from a tough overtime loss to Augustana College. The Titan men’s basketball team cruised to an 84-63 victory at home over North Park University this […]


“Equal opportunity” may not be so impartial

Kiara Blake-Knight, Columnist When applying for a job, applicants will inevitably see or hear the phrase “we are an equal opportunity employer.” This is the statement that is seen on all job applications in reference to Affirmative Action, a policy that provides opportunities for education and employment to minorities. But […]


Letter to the Editor

Scott Yockey Just as anticipated, my last article in the Argus (Communism is Absurd) stirred up quite the controversy. Katie Rose’s response was what I was looking for: extremely intelligent and well thought out. The other, written by Ryan Nielsen, was simply an outpouring of emotion and an attack on […]