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VP Biden takes a stand against sexual assault

Joe Biden, Vice President More than twenty years ago, I read a study of junior high school students in Rhode Island that included one finding I’ve never been able to get out of my head. Students were asked if a man who spent money on a woman during a date […]


Glamorized film undermines horror of war

Editorial You probably watched the Super Bowl, and half the reason you watched the game was to see the commercials. Expecting light-hearted and ridiculous beer ads, one of the commercials broke the flow on Super Bowl Sunday with a trailer of the upcoming movie Act of Valor. Relativity Media, the […]


Tartuffe delivers on comic genius

By Hannah Dhue, Staff Writer If you’ve dared to pop into Illinois Wesleyan University’s McPherson Theatre lately, there’s a good chance you’ve been “Tartuffified”. Or perhaps you’ve only heard the “strange tales of strange events” unfolding on our humble stage. Either way, you’re in luck. Don’t fret and pout. You […]


This Week In Nature: Peter Cottontail comes to campus

This Week In Nature: Peter Cottontail comes to campus

By Joe Phipps, Staff Writer During the most recent volunteer day at Funks Grove, our goal for the day was to spread seeds from native prairie plants.   Since the chore consisted of emptying a garbage can full of seeds throughout a prairie plot that had just experienced heavy rainfall, any […]


Students experience Greece unrest firsthand

Riots turned violent shortly after junior Daniel McGuire began studying abroad in Greece. A mixture of tear gas and smoke from molotov cocktails float over the crowd.

By Daniel McGuire, Staff Writer When I decided to study abroad in Athens, some worried about my choice due to the financial crisis currently ravaging Greece. I assured them I would be out of harm’s way and I would be fine. And I continued feeling that way right up until […]


Success at the Illinois College Press Association conference!

Five members of The Argus staff (former Editor-in-Chief Jackie Connelly, former News Editor Hannah Griffin, current Editor-in-Chief Chris Francis, current News Editor Mary Nicholas and current Features Editor Patrick Cavanaugh) traveled to Chicago Friday, Feb. 17 through Saturday, Feb. 18 for the annual Illinois College Press Association (ICPA) Conference. The […]


Multicultural Affairs Office addresses micro-aggressions

By Tia Sprengel, Managing Editor On Wednesday Feb. 15, the Office of Multicultural Affairs offered a teach-in targeted to address subtly racist comments, a campus concern which came to light through a recently instituted program called the “Senior Sound Off.” This “Senior Sound Off” program occurs at the end of […]


Concerto Aria winners share journey to the BCPA

By Mary Nicholas, News Editor The winners of this year’s Concerto-Aria Competition performed with the Illinois Wesleyan Civic Orchestra at the Bloomington Center for Performing Arts last Friday, Feb. 10. But the road to this performance began years before that evening. Choosing and commanding a lengthy solo piece is one […]


Facebook defeats its own purpose

Kiara Blake-Knight, Staff Writer Since its beginning, Facebook has created a social world unlike any other. While its goal is to provide members with a means of keeping in-touch with family and friends, this online society has not accomplished its goal. Ironically, the social networking site, first designed to connect […]


Penalty threatens to dehumanize

Mallika Kavadi, Staff Writer The issue of death penalty is an interesting one. 140 countries have abolished the death penalty, but 24 states in the U.S.A. and countries like India and China still practice it. The idea of justice as an “eye for an eye” is still rampant, as evidenced […]