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The future of Shaw Hall

By: Rebekah Smith With the completion date of State Farm Hall quickly approaching, students and faculty are eager and excited to begin having classes inside this brand new building.   But since most of the classes formerly held in Shaw will be moved into State Farm Hall, many students are […]


Tap into reusable bottles

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Brenda Miller, Columnist As temperatures increase and the weather becomes less conducive to long study sessions at Ames, students flock outside to catch up on some much-needed sun and fresh air between their end-of-the-year stresses. Accompanying them is their summer gear, hauled out from hibernation in closets or under beds […]


Professor Tari Renner wins mayoral election

By: Brexton Isaacs This week, Illinois Wesleyan University professor of political science Tari Renner won the mayoral race for the city of Bloomington by a landslide. Renner was running against former city councilman John Hanson and 2010 Libertarian gubernatorial nominee Lex Green. Of the 9,715 votes cast, Renner received 5,003 […]


Staff Editorial – Sodexo not to blame for students’ diet woes

Everyone has heard about the Freshman 15, the dreaded weight every student is destined to gain while away at college. While it may be tempting to blame the French fries in the cafeteria or the Cheetos in the vending machine, what that extra weight boils down to is personal choice. […]


Higher standards for educators

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Rachel Doose, Columnist A friend of mine recently expressed her frustration regarding what we are supposed to expect, or not expect, from our professors. She felt that some of her professors didn’t offer her the support and help she wanted, especially when the class reached its height of difficulty. When […]


Law class tries a shooting case

By: Rebekah Smith   While Colorado may be nearly a thousand miles away, the Aurora shooting reverberated across the nation. In light of the shooter’s upcoming trial, the Illinois Wesleyan University trial law class has been using his case as the basis for their entire class. In the final weeks […]


God of War on the decline with Ascension

For fans of God of War, it’s hard not to remember the larger-than-life battles Kratos fought in the first three games. From the first boss battle against the hyrdra in God of War to killing Zeus in the final moments of God of War III, each game has been packed […]


People pleased by Hendrix’s Hell and Angels

Jimi Hendrix is primarily known in the music community and the rest of the Western world as one of the greatest, if not the greatest, musician to ever lay a hand on the guitar. From his short-lived, four-year career, where he recorded three of the greatest rock albums of all […]


Staff Editorial- Snowy walkways dangerous for IWU students

Like every other student, The Argus editors were hoping for a snow day this past Monday, March 25. We think anyone would agree that a day in your pajamas would have been preferable to sloshing through a foot of snow to get to class. When the news broke that there […]


Equal rights for donors

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By Jenn Oswald, Columnist Blood banks around the world are constantly in a short supply of donors, especially in the United States. Because of that, I have been actively donating blood since I turned 16 and will quickly encourage anyone who is eligible to do the same. They even provide […]