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RA questions race dynamics within Office of Residential Life

RA questions race dynamics within Office of Residential Life

  “THE GADLFY,” COLUMNIST RAs are supposed to follow ORL’s mission statement: “to facilitate enjoyable, sustainable and inclusive communities that support and enhance students’ academic achievement and personal development.” However, RAs aren’t doing this. Members of my RA staff make fun of their residents – international students and people of […]


Staff Editorial – Students shouldn’t be afraid to come forward on hazing

Staff Editorial – Students shouldn’t be afraid to come forward on hazing

Hazing is any activity or experience expected of or forced on a person joining or maintaining status in a group that humiliates, degrades or risks emotional or physical harm regardless of that person’s willingness to cooperate. Every person has personal boundaries and, when those lines are crossed, what does a […]


Give a dam about this sanctuary

If you go to the Kenneth L. Schroeder Wildlife Sanctuary, you can find the above beaver dam, where a beaver may possibly be hiding to wait out the intense cold of winter.

By Joe Phipps, Staff Writer Sometimes we all need to get away from the stresses of everyday life.  As finals approach, escaping the library becomes more important than ever, and I am a firm believer that nature is one of life’s greatest stress relievers. While there are many places that […]


Corrie verdict hurts Israel’s reputation

By Jenn Oswald, Columnist On March 16, 2003, a 23 year old American woman named Rachel Corrie was crushed to death by an Israeli Army Bulldozer in Gaza. Corrie was a part of a group of young pro-Palestinian peace activists that were taking part in non-violent protests at the height […]


Be smart about pets

By Anna Lowenthal, Columnist If you ever venture past the east side of campus, you just might notice that Illinois Wesleyan University has some canine and feline visitors. While many of us pet-friendly folk are compelled to snuggle up to every ball of fluff we see, it may be best […]


Staff Editorial – They don’t have a problem using “they”

There’s a theory in linguistics that the words we learn and use affect the way we think and what we believe. There’s also a term commonly used to malign English teachers, majors and other pretentious wordy types: grammar nazi. The Argus intends to take on both today. Chances are it’s […]


Ann Romney typifies GOP’s lack of reality

By Nick Desideri, Columnist Not even the 2008 election offered as many inane quips, fanciful policies, or fact-free stump speeches as the 2012 election season. Among the things we’ve been told in 2012: college is “snobbish,” Mexicans should be tracked the same way FedEx tracks packages, and women’s bodies are […]


Tweets ruffle feathers

By John Gholson, Columnist It’s clear to most social media users nowadays that what you write, post, and imply online is vulnerable to public scrutiny. So it makes me wonder why the leader of one of the most powerful and influential countries in the world would allow his campaign team […]


Staff Editorial – Open schedule streamlines Titan Orientation

Welcome to campus, class of 2016.  After two weeks of classes, hopefully we are the last to greet you.  No matter how prestigious it is to have this welcome in print, you already received an extensive one from the Office of Residential Life and Titan Orientation Leader groups. While this […]


“Centipede” binds humanity and instanity

“Centipede” binds humanity and instanity

By Patrick Cavanaugh, Features Editor Three years after the pristine, poppy and brilliant album Merriweather Post Pavilion, avant-psychedelic outfit Animal Collective is going crazy. Centipede Hz, the latest effort from the Baltimore quartet, represents a shift in style from hooky noise-pop to a frenzied pagan freak-out. But Animal Collective never […]