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Senate S.W.A.G. summit doesn’t plummet for RSOs

Editorial Board   This past Saturday, Sept. 13, Student Senate held their first of what is now to be an annual RSO S.W.A.G. summit. S.W.A.G., standing for “Students Working to Achieve Greatness,” aims “to get all of our outstanding student leaders on campus in the same location at the same […]


IWU football defeats Britons for 2-0 winning streak

Sam LaLonde   Week one brought us an exciting start to the football season as the Illinois Wesleyan University Titans were able to secure the victory in the home opener against Franklin College. Solid performances from a first-year quarterback and a well-known defense assured the Titan faithful that this year’s […]


Women’s volleyball drops to 4-6

Eric Gilbert   The Illinois Wesleyan University Women’s volleyball team travelled down to St. Louis, MO this past Friday to take on the Gorlocks of Webster University.  Despite a strong overall performance, they let this one slip, falling to 4-6 overall on the season. The Gorlocks improved to an even 4-4 with […]


Titan men’s soccer four-game winning streak ends

Brian Morefield   Feeding off of a three-game winning streak, the Illinois Wesleyan University men’s soccer team came out strong to start the game against the University of Dubuque. After dominating a majority of the first half, a tough foul called right in front of the box propelled Dubuque to […]


Unique sculptures on campus come from a chance encounter

Unique sculptures on campus come from a chance encounter

Jeff Neukom   Returning students were in for a slight shock when they saw, what some might call strange, sculptures all over campus. The presence of the sculptures is the result of a chance interaction between President Wilson and Illinois Wesleyan University alumni while in Florida this past spring. During […]


ITS explains scam e-mails

Emily Considine   Illinois Wesleyan University students were asked to send their IWU usernames and passwords to a non-existent “information department” due to a fictional maintenance issue. This scam, also known as a phishing scheme, occurred most recently on Sept. 3, 2014. Information technology members stress that these e-mails are […]


IWU participates in ice bucket challenge

IWU participates in ice bucket challenge

Alyssa Berry   Neighborhood driveways, city streets and social networking cites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have been blowing up with people dumping buckets of ice water on their heads this past summer. The Ice Bucket Challenge started in order to raise awareness and funds for Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). […]


Students can stop weighing down their backpacks with Packback

Muhammed Rizvi   Everyone I know believes that the textbooks we use in college are expensive. It can’t be argued whether or not they are overpriced because they do, in fact, increase our intellect and give us great amounts of knowledge. Personally, I think the books we use should not […]


Argus consents to sex education in new campaign

Editorial board   It’d be hard to miss the large posters that are popping up all over Illinois Wesleyan University’s campus with one clear message: Consent is Sexy. The campaign is a result of the Sexual Assault Task Force, an institutional collaboration co-chaired by Vice President and Dean of Students […]


Make a difference, large or small

Rebekah Smith   Take a second and stop what you’re doing.  Close your eyes and imagine a foreign country and the people who live there.  Whether the people you are thinking about are from Africa, South America, Europe, or Asia, what do you notice? They’re different than us.  They have […]