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Staff Editorial- Snowy walkways dangerous for IWU students

Like every other student, The Argus editors were hoping for a snow day this past Monday, March 25. We think anyone would agree that a day in your pajamas would have been preferable to sloshing through a foot of snow to get to class. When the news broke that there […]


Equal rights for donors

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By Jenn Oswald, Columnist Blood banks around the world are constantly in a short supply of donors, especially in the United States. Because of that, I have been actively donating blood since I turned 16 and will quickly encourage anyone who is eligible to do the same. They even provide […]


Ask Anna: dating do’s

By Anna Lowenthal, Opinions Editor Q: Dear Anna, what are the worst things to do when you’re on a first date? A: Speaking from a girl’s perspective, there are an infinite amount of things that can go wrong when you’re on your first date. The first date is the biggest […]


Rape victims don’t “ask for it”

By Jenn Oswald, Columnist Culture has formed around the concept of “don’t get raped” rather than “don’t rape.” This concept leaves women to walk home after dark jumping at shadows and planning exactly how her dorm keys could become lethal weapons in a matter of seconds. While women are learning […]


#HereAtIWU generates student buzz around campus

By Nick Desideri, Columnist Since going abroad, I’ve signed up for social networks I swore I never would. First came the obligatory, rarely updated travel Tumblr, then the LinkedIn my boyfriend made me get. Even my Twitter has seen an uptick in usage, mostly to Tweet my mom. But Twitter […]


Mystery letter opens questions to Obama’s promises

By Nick Desideri, Columnist In response to my article about the Republican obsession with Benghazi, an individual – we’ll call this person “Caps Lock” – posted the following note on The Argus office door. Here it is in all of its formatting glory. “Nick Desideri    get a grip this is […]


Illinois Wesleyan lacks in sexual assault education

By Andy Sonnenberger, Columnist The #HereAtIWU campaign struck a chord with me, as I hope it did with most of you. But I have to admit, I am not surprised by any of the stories posted in the Dugout. Currently, violence against women is a national issue that is not […]


Editorial- Gay marriage bill gets student attention at IWU

This past Valentine’s Day, the Illinois Senate approved a bill that would officially legalize gay marriage, putting it on track to become the tenth state to offer equal marriage rights for heterosexuals and homosexuals. Though the state House hasn’t voted yet, the passing of this bill has sparked hope for […]


No serious danger on Triumph’s poop deck

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By Eric Novak, Columnist This past week, there was breaking news that a Carnival cruise liner, ironically named the Triumph, was set adrift by an unexplained engine fire, paralyzing the ship completely. This ordeal began on Monday and lasted all the way until Thursday night, when the ship was successfully […]


Staff Editorial- “Take Back the Tap” fights for a wetter tomorrow

The Northern Pacific Ocean is earning itself a new name: the Pacific Trash Vortex.  According to National Geographic, the ocean houses a 1.33 million square mile landfill in this area.  According to the LA Times, 90 percent of this waste is plastic. Despite general apathy, plastic water bottle usage is […]