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Ann Romney typifies GOP’s lack of reality

By Nick Desideri, Columnist Not even the 2008 election offered as many inane quips, fanciful policies, or fact-free stump speeches as the 2012 election season. Among the things we’ve been told in 2012: college is “snobbish,” Mexicans should be tracked the same way FedEx tracks packages, and women’s bodies are […]


Tweets ruffle feathers

By John Gholson, Columnist It’s clear to most social media users nowadays that what you write, post, and imply online is vulnerable to public scrutiny. So it makes me wonder why the leader of one of the most powerful and influential countries in the world would allow his campaign team […]


Staff Editorial – Open schedule streamlines Titan Orientation

Welcome to campus, class of 2016.  After two weeks of classes, hopefully we are the last to greet you.  No matter how prestigious it is to have this welcome in print, you already received an extensive one from the Office of Residential Life and Titan Orientation Leader groups. While this […]


“Centipede” binds humanity and instanity

“Centipede” binds humanity and instanity

By Patrick Cavanaugh, Features Editor Three years after the pristine, poppy and brilliant album Merriweather Post Pavilion, avant-psychedelic outfit Animal Collective is going crazy. Centipede Hz, the latest effort from the Baltimore quartet, represents a shift in style from hooky noise-pop to a frenzied pagan freak-out. But Animal Collective never […]


Stovall stays in middle with too little fiddle

Stovall stays in middle with too little fiddle

By Kevin Brown, Opinions Editor There are two things you need to understand about me.  One: I detest country music.  Two: I love the fiddle. When I saw posters of Natalie Stovall (playing the fiddle, no less) plastered around campus, my interest was piqued.  According to them, Stovall won Performer […]


Thai House features good food, poor decorum

As the man in the back's face might suggest, the foot at Thai House of Bloomington is delicious. But the atmosphere does not add much to the overall dining experience.

By Nick Desideri, Staff Writer As we return to Illinois Wesleyan University this semester, it’s important to remember the Thai restaurants we have loved and lost. Despite its glowing review in The Argus in spring 2011, Na Na Thai closed down a mere semester later.  It’s too bad, considering that […]


Chromatics “Kill” it on latest LP

Chromatics “Kill” it on latest LP

By Patrick Cavanaugh, Features Editor Few bands change as drastically as Chromatics has in its career.  After their first release, a punk album called Chrome Rats vs. Basement Rutz, Chromatics underwent some serious line-up changes, losing all members save one. But this setback ended up working in the band’s favor.  […]


Student travels to Istanbul, not Constantinople

Junior Daniel McGuire, who has been studying abroad in Greece for the semester, smiles for a picture in front of the beautiful, historically rich city of Istanbul in Turkey.

By Daniel McGuire, Staff Writer When I visited Istanbul in March, realized what Napolean Bonaparte meant when he said, “If the Earth was a single state, Istanbul would be its capital.” In terms of major cities, I’ve really only seen Chicago, New York and Athens, now that I’m visiting Europe […]


Yoginis welcome yogis to IWU yoga scene

By Zach Zentner, Staff Reporter The number of yogis, or men who practice yoga, has increased dramatically over the past year at Illinois Wesleyan University. This trend has caught the eyes of many younger men when they see athletes like Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers and Miami Heat forward […]


Minaj’s “Friday” could use more Minaj

Minaj’s “Friday” could use more Minaj

By Nick Desideri, Staff Writer Mixtape rapper turned megastar Nicki Minaj strives to be the Sybil of pop. From British mum Martha to Nicki Lewinsky, Minaj crafts various alter egos that she slips into while rapping. Whether it’s a gimmick or actual artistry remains to be determined. Minaj’s main alter […]