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“Human Barbie” denies the natural integrity of beauty

Michelle Wong   Since the dawn of media influence on society’s perceptions of beauty, there have always been strong and varied opinions on how we define beauty. Valeria Lukyanova, also known in mainstream media as the “Human Barbie,” is no different. Valeria Lukyanova has spent countless hours of exercise, appointments, […]


U.S. gets bugged out

Michael Kida   Many have probably heard about what is being called the Heartbleed bug in the OpenSSL cryptographic software library, which is the Internet’s most popular security technology and is used by millions of websites. An estimated two-thirds of all servers on the public Internet use the software that […]


Open Letter- Student Senate faces accusations of underrepresentation

As students of Illinois Wesleyan University, we have been blessed with a community that fosters not only our achievements as intellectuals but also as well-rounded individuals. In these four years, we are expected to cram in enough knowledge and experience in preparation to enter the “real world.” We study, learn […]


Ukraine takes control by sending out troops

Emmanuel Ahonkhai   Ukraine’s government announced on Sunday, April 13 that it was sending troops to the country’s vital industrial east in an attempt to quell an increasingly audacious pro-Russian insurgency that that has taken place in the eastern European state. Blaming Moscow for inciting the unrest, the new Ukrainian […]


Political Science professor wins Kemp teaching excellence award

Political Science professor wins Kemp teaching excellence award

Emily Considine   Illinois Wesleyan political science professor Kathleen Montgomery was recognized for her excellence in teaching at the Honors Convocation. Nominated by the faculty, Montgomery was named the 2015 recipient of the Kemp Foundation Award for Teaching Excellence. “I was surprised and gratified to be chosen for the Kemp […]


Gateway undergoes course changes

Jeff Neukom   The Gateway Colloquia section of Illinois Wesleyan University’s undergraduate curriculum was designed to give students a solid writing foundation upon which to build the rest of their college experience. Now, IWU’s Student Senate is working with Curriculum Council and faculty members to incorporate a few improvements in […]


Swans not held down by age

Swans not held down by age

Eric Novak   When I listen to music exuding intense amounts of power and fury, I don’t usually think of a group of aging geezers. But for the band Swans, power comes naturally for Michael Gira and his cohorts—the youngest of which is 49. But age is not an object […]


Top Ten: Inspiration to slay your finals

Zane Nyhus   As the school year grinds into its final days, students can begin to relax, unwind and prepare for a few months of summer.  Except they can’t do this quite yet because there are still finals to study for!  If the allure of a 2-3 month long break […]


IWU’s beloved music director retires

IWU’s beloved music director retires

Nunzia Martino   Last Friday, the Illinois Wesleyan University School of Music presented a final concert in honor of Steven W. Eggleston’s 35-year music career at Illinois Wesleyan and the 30th anniversary of the University’s Civic Orchestra, which he founded a few years before founding the IWU Wind Ensemble. The […]


Utilize what your microwave brings to the table

Stephanie Buhrow   Maybe you live in a dorm and a microwave is all you have. Sure, there is popcorn, frozen dinners and Easy Mac— but did you know you could make French toast and homemade lasagna in your microwave? Maybe your oven is broken and you still want homemade […]