Students can stop weighing down their backpacks with Packback

Muhammed Rizvi   Everyone I know believes that the textbooks we use in college are expensive. It can’t be argued whether or not they are overpriced because they do, in fact, increase our intellect and give us great amounts of knowledge. Personally, I think the books we use should not […]


Argus consents to sex education in new campaign

Editorial board   It’d be hard to miss the large posters that are popping up all over Illinois Wesleyan University’s campus with one clear message: Consent is Sexy. The campaign is a result of the Sexual Assault Task Force, an institutional collaboration co-chaired by Vice President and Dean of Students […]


Make a difference, large or small

Rebekah Smith   Take a second and stop what you’re doing.  Close your eyes and imagine a foreign country and the people who live there.  Whether the people you are thinking about are from Africa, South America, Europe, or Asia, what do you notice? They’re different than us.  They have […]


Ebola calls for more aid

Michelle Wong   According to the most recent article in the International Business Times, the disease quickly devastating West African countries known as Ebola has killed over 2,000 people out of 4,000 reported cases. Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea have been hit the hardest, both physically and economically, and it […]


Ask Anna: Studying abroad

Q: Dear Anna, I’ve been thinking about studying abroad, but I haven’t decided whether or not I want to go. What are your thoughts about studying abroad? A: Do it. That’s as simple as it gets. Spending time in another country is something that, I feel, is crucial to the […]


Ask Anna: Dating dilemmas

Anna Lowenthal Q: Dear Anna, how long should you “date” before getting into a relationship? A: There’s a huge difference between dating someone and making them your beau, and there needs to be a test-out, getting-to-know-each-other time period before you commit to another person, warts and all. And it definitely […]


Suicide is not a joke

Ryan Donlin Tragically, near the end of the summer, famous comedian and overall harbinger of joy Robin Williams passed away with what has since been ruled as a suicide. My initial thoughts were confused and distraught over the fact that such a caring and seemingly full of life human being […]


Davis dooms students

Brexton Isaacs As the fall kicks off, students have arrived on campus ready to start a new year. While there is a lot excitement in the air, many students don’t realize that the interest rates for their government-issued student loans just increased, forcing students to pay even more for their […]


Violence escalates in Ferguson

Nikilesh Thapa On August 9 of this summer, an 18-year-old black teen was shot and killed by a white cop in Ferguson, Missouri while walking down a street with his friend. The victim, Michael Brown, had recently graduated high school the previous week and was set to start at a […]


ADHD threatened by Adderall abuse

Natalie Weimer   Last week, the Huffington Post published an article online called “Coming Soon to a Neighborhood Near You: Adderall Abuse.” It’s quite a bold title, but the article itself is not as exciting. It attempts to convince its audience that prescription stimulants, which are used commonly to treat […]