Secret Service fails the call of duty

Daniel Maibenco When we think of security, especially in this day and age, we think of people who are vigilant, cautious, alert and always observant. No matter what political side you’re on, we can all agree that Washington D.C., namely the White House and presidency, is supposed to have the […]


Frat’s exploit unchecked

Katharine Quilty   Last weekend, an Illinois State University student told me in a frenzied rage that an ISU fraternity had been responsible for using rohypnol (roofies) on women at festival. This fraternity already has a reputation on the ISU campus for drugging unsuspecting women and is known to brag […]


Stressed students not alone in the Stress-Free Zone

Editorial Board   Stress is a common problem for students in universities. While stress itself is an abstract idea, it can have real physiological effects on your body, from raising your blood pressure to depressing your immune system. It’s important to keep stress levels low to stay healthy, but students […]


Quinn is the quintessential candidate

Brexton Isaacs   This November, Illinois Wesleyan University students will have the opportunity to vote for Illinois’ next Governor, and Pat Quinn is the clear choice for young people. Pat Quinn has been a courageous Governor, making the tough decisions to getting our state through difficult economic times. Now, thanks to […]


Women’s equality still a battle worth fighting

Jenn Oswald   We live in a patriarchal world. Despite the best efforts of many, it still stands as fact. Yet it still baffles me that half of our population can be looked in the eyes and told ‘no.’ A few major anti-female stories have crossed my path this week, […]


Ask Anna: Friending frenzy

Anna Lowenthal   Q: Dear Anna, I’m a first-year here at IWU, and I’m having a lot of trouble finding friends. What can I do to meet more people? A: Most of the time, having a lack of friends does not reflect on your friendship compatibility. Instead, it might reflect […]


Mental health a factor in recent murder case

Ally Daskalopoulos   Almost every day we hear about people who have lost their lives. Whether it is the anniversary of 9/11, the obituary section of the newspaper or a murder, we are constantly reminded of death. More often than not, our hearts go out to those suffering from the […]


ISIS is not religious but power-hungry

Ryan Orloski   Regardless of how you view the ISIS terror situation and the United States’ diplomatic involvement, the actions of the terrorist group have raised an issue that concerns everyone—even students sitting in class thousands of miles away. The actions of the terrorist group have raised the issue of […]


Senate S.W.A.G. summit doesn’t plummet for RSOs

Editorial Board   This past Saturday, Sept. 13, Student Senate held their first of what is now to be an annual RSO S.W.A.G. summit. S.W.A.G., standing for “Students Working to Achieve Greatness,” aims “to get all of our outstanding student leaders on campus in the same location at the same […]


Students can stop weighing down their backpacks with Packback

Muhammed Rizvi   Everyone I know believes that the textbooks we use in college are expensive. It can’t be argued whether or not they are overpriced because they do, in fact, increase our intellect and give us great amounts of knowledge. Personally, I think the books we use should not […]