Presidential race has Trump card

Daniel Maibenco   The Republicans have taken control of the Senate. If you were predicting that this wasn’t going to happen, then this must be a great surprise. The Republicans had a historic night. They had never flipped seven senate seats nor gained enough House seats to surpass post WWII […]


Don’t just step on floor tiles, appreciate them

Ryan Orloski   I think it’s important that every once in a while we take some time to think about sidewalks and floor tiles. I think they’re widely underappreciated in this modernized society. It’s not as crazy of a suggestion as it sounds, I assure you. There are millions of […]


Ask Anna: Moving on from negative people

Anna Lowenthal   Q: Dear Anna, how do I tell someone who has become a negative presence in my life that I need to move on? A: People are always changing, and often times, we find that we grow out of or grow apart from people who used to be […]


Slander of Israel goes by without punishment

Daniel Maibenco   Several days ago, it was reported that an anonymous U.S. official made a comment about the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu. Normally, any comment would not be seen as that troublesome, right? Wrong. It was revealed that an anonymous politician believes the leader of Israel is […]


“No Shave November” campaign doesn’t cut close enough

Editorial Staff   Surely, most of us have heard of the term “No-Shave November.” If you have not, it is a trend where people elect to go the full month of November without shaving. For men, it’s been there, done that, got the T-shirt. For women, either you participate yourself […]


Not everyone is thankful for Thanksgiving holiday

Ryan Donlin   Halloween has ended and now we have Christmas to look forward to! Wait, what was that? I forgot about Thanksgiving? Shame on me. Every year after Halloween, there is a group of people who become self-righteous about how Thanksgiving is forgotten every year in favor of Christmas. […]


Animal testing still pressing issue

Casey Williams   To those of you who either are unaware or choose not to acknowledge it, animal testing is still a very real problem. For the conscientious objectors that are both aware and deeply appalled by this process, it can be difficult to do simple, everyday things. Shopping, for […]


Ask Anna: Keeping up with Class

Ask Anna: Keeping up with Class Anna Lowenthal   Q: Dear Anna, I’m struggling with feeling like all of my class material is above my head. I can’t tell if the class is genuinely hard or if I’m just not on the same level as my peers. What do I […]


Offerman offers jokes, but goes too far on sexual abuse

Editorial Board With any comedic act, inevitably someone is going to be offended. Part of the great appeal of comedy is that is a medium where offense is allowed. It has created a platform for people to talk about issues that may not be appropriate in other settings, but deserve […]


Flu warrants concern over Ebola

Casey Williams   There has been some serious talk about the Ebola virus and the confirmed cases in the United States. Along with that talk has come fear and panic. To minimize some of this anxiety, take a look at the facts. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC): […]