Cannon album misfires

Michelle Wong Since the dawn of time, celebrities have pulled off some wild stunts for the sake of publicity just before dropping an album. The latest celebrity to follow suit is none other than the Nickelodeon regular, and husband to Mariah Carey: Nick Cannon. Cannon, whose newest album was released […]


Punk rock values still relevant

Ryan Orloski Starting with the The Velvet Underground, The Stooges, and the New York Dolls, transitioning into bands like the Sex Pistols and Bad Religion, the punk rock movement changed the face of music entirely. These bands confronted hot-button social issues of their time, and all brought an energy that […]


Green Top goodness

Natalie Weimer It’s easy and even popular to support “green” causes, but how many of us actually take action to address an environmental issue? If someone asked me how concerned I was about the environment, I would say I was very concerned. And if someone asked me to describe the […]


Torture report remains reticent

Michael Kida On Thursday, April 3, the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI) voted to declassify a summary of the report it completed over a year ago investigating the CIA’s use of torture. Over 90 percent of the document will remain secret—only around 480 pages of the 6,300-page report will […]


“All in for Wesleyan” a success despite some confusion

Argus Editorial Staff Recently on campus, a program called “All in for Wesleyan” was hosted in order to raise money for Illinois Wesleyan University, particularly for student scholarships. Raising $700,000 in just 24 hours, it’s safe to say that “All in for Wesleyan” was a very productive fundraiser. “The success […]


HIV: stigmas getting tested

HIV: stigmas getting tested

Nick Desideri, columnist   When everyone told me that I would have some transformative experiences during my study abroad, I never thought that I’d have to confront one of my biggest fears. It wasn’t the narcos my parents warned me of or Mexico City crime. It was getting tested for […]


The Sins of racism

Andy Sonnenberger, columnist   Let’s get one thing straight: the Faculty Choreographed Dance Concert did not disappoint. It was well presented and performed. However, in the spirit of the anti-racism rally earlier this year and the #HereAtIWU Campaign, a comment must be made about the content of one of the […]


Don’t forget the children

Kaitlyn Wayman-Dodd, Columnist We spend so much time and money arguing about the rights of the unborn that we often forget about the rights of the already-born. I did a quick Google search and found that, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, pro-life and pro-choice advocates spent $1,292,741 on […]


Staff Editorial – Getting into classes doesn’t register with students

Ask almost any recent alum about the registration process, and you’re sure to get a horror story.  Many will tell of waiting for computers, unresponsive browsers and walking uphill both ways. Luckily for current students, registration drastically improved when the Office of the Registrar decided to spread registration times throughout […]


Tap into reusable bottles

Courtesy of icdiningsustainability.blogspot.com

Brenda Miller, Columnist As temperatures increase and the weather becomes less conducive to long study sessions at Ames, students flock outside to catch up on some much-needed sun and fresh air between their end-of-the-year stresses. Accompanying them is their summer gear, hauled out from hibernation in closets or under beds […]