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Barcelona program allows nurses to finally venture abroad

Sophomores Amanda Magallon, Hannah Smith, Cassie Mellen, Erin Levy and Jenny Boll pose in front of the Mediterranean Sea on the first day of a scenic tour.

By Jackie Connelly, Staff Reporter This year, five students are going where no Illinois Wesleyan University nursing major has gone before. Sophomores Jenny Boll, Erin Levy, Amanda Magallon, Cassie Mellen and Hannah Smith just kicked off their spring semester in Barcelona, Spain—an option that, prior to 2012, was never available […]


Secretary of State gives keynote speech at IWU

By Chris Francis, Editor-In-Chief “If you see a wrong somewhere, would you try to make it right? If you see someone being mistreated, will you say something?” asked Barbra Malone, a member of The United Community Gospel Singers of Bloomington-Normal. Malone’s question reflected the spirit of the 22nd annual Dr. […]


J-pop star finds voice on “JAPONESQUE”

J-pop star finds voice on “JAPONESQUE”

By Nick Desideri, Staff Writer According to popular belief, everyone has a doppelganger. For example, my doppelganger is a German stockbroker. My mom sent me photographic evidence, but, unfortunately, he’s more attractive than I am. For the famous, this phenomenon is even more pronounced. Take Madonna for example. Already preoccupied […]


GOP Primary undergoes major shake-ups

GOP Primary undergoes major shake-ups

By Brexton Isaacs, Staff Writer In what was probably the most exciting two weeks in the race for the Republican primaires, it looks like the contest has been turned completely upside down. The week saw the exit of two candidates, a shocking revelation about a candidate’s marital history, an explosive […]


This week in nature: Owls fill Blo-No

This week in nature: Owls fill Blo-No

By Joe Phipps, Staff Writer This winter, there has been an invasion of the Midwest. A bird that prefers to spend its life in the arctic, a region where the sun doesn’t set in summer, has come south and is making quite an impression. While many may hope that Illinois’s […]


Loving with Liam: control in the bedroom

By Liam Conlon, Columnist If there’s one part of sexuality that’s misrepresented in mass media, it’s BDSM. BDSM is a blanket term that includes bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, and sadism and masochism. I wouldn’t be surprised if any or all of these terms would make you think of […]


SOPA and PIPA raise questions about freedom of speech

By Nick Desideri, Columnist South Koreans are some of the most internet-savvy people on earth. About 80 percent of the population of South Korea possesses a high-speed internet connection, the highest percentage in the world. While this phenomena can lead to an internet addiction or an infatuation with Starcraft, it […]


“Blackout” is only beginning of student response

Editorial It’s very rare to see such a large group of United States citizens rallying around the same cause, but SOPA and PIPA have sparked a sense of disbelief and fear for our first amendment rights that have brought people together. Even in Bloomington-Normal, a town surrounded by corn fields, […]


Blackout forces students to imagine life without Facebook

By Chris Francis, Editor-in-Chief This past Wednesday, Jan. 18, several of the internet’s most successful sites, sporting immense visitor volumes, “blacked out” for 24 hours. Google’s ubiquitous multi-colored logo, known for whimsically changing to reflect seasons, holidays and current events, censored itself with a large, black bar. Wikipedia shut down […]


Campus honors and remembers the late Dr. King

By Mary Nicholas, News Editor For 22 consecutive years, the School of Music opened the doors of Presser Hall to host the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Gospel Festival. Groups from across the state came to Illinois Wesleyan on Monday, Jan. 16 to celebrate through song King’s messages of peace […]