New! Habitat for Humanity

Volunteering opportunities at Habitat for Humanity of McLean County:

1. Construction:
We build on Saturday morning from 8am – 12noon. Volunteers must be at least 16 years old to work at the construction site (with a guardian signature). No construction experience necessary! If you are an individual, sign up online to assure space is still available to volunteer at the construction site.
2. Administrative Help:
We are always seeking volunteers at our admin office who can help on a weekly basis. Tasks include answering the telephone, data entry, copying, assisting with mailing, etc.
3. Miscellaneous Ways to Help:Individuals who volunteer for Habitat (or have an interest to do so) are full of talent! If there is something you enjoy doing (for example, baking, delivering treats to our volunteers, helping to stock sheds, scrapbooking, etc.), we can more than likely use your help.
Interested in these opportunities? Click here to apply now! 
Interested in learning more? Contact:Lindsey Probst
(309) 827-3931
lindsey.probst@habitatmclean.orgOr visit here for more information!
4. Habitat Restore: If you love prowling the aisles at Home Depot, enjoy fixing things, or just want to help recycle building materials while supporting adequate housing, the Habitat ReStore needs you. Sales, display, cleanup of donations, merchandising and all other “jobs” are completely volunteer efforts. With few paid staff, the Habitat ReStore can use your help. Currently need help on Thursday and Fridays afternoons.  All day Saturdays.
Interested in Habitat Restore? email: or call (309) 454-6047.


New! Ecology Action Center

Volunteering Opportunities at EAC:

1. Special Events:
Illinois Sustainable Living and Wellness Expo
America Recycles Day MEGA Recycling Event
Household Hazardous Waste Collection

2. Recycling:
Plastic Garden Pot Recycling Program

3. Clean Water Protection Outreach

4. Storm Drain Stenciling

5. Research and writing projects

6. Landscaping and Gardening

7. Website, brochure, and newsletter content development

*Internships are also offered on a regular basis

Please note that volunteer opportunities may be intermittent and irregular. Volunteers at the EAC are responsible for their own parking (bicycling or using public transportation is preferable); paid parking is available nearby in the Heartland Parking Deck. EAC visitors may NOT use the Normal Public Library parking lot.

Interested in this opportunity? Click here to apply now.

Interested in learning more? Contact:

Ecology Action Center
202 W College Ave
Normal, IL  61761
(309) 454-3169

New! Community Healthcare Clinic

Job description: Nursing volunteers to take patient vitals, check medications and take brief patient histories.

Volunteer nurses typically volunteer for one 3-4 hour shift per week, but this schedule is very flexible. Nurses holding current license preferred.

Interested in this opportunity? email

Interested in learning more? Call Mike Romagnoli, Operations Manager, at 309.888.5531

New! Community Cancer Center

1. Front Desk:

The Front Desk Volunteers help patients find their way around the Community Cancer Center during their first visit. Volunteers will greet newly diagnosed cancer patients and family members, provide a brief orientation to the Community Cancer Center and serve as an escort to physician offices and staff locations. Our Front Desk Volunteers provide a welcoming face to new and returning patients. They also offer support to patients receiving chemotherapy and radiation treatment. 

2. Library:

The Library at the Community Cancer Center is devoted to assisting anyone whose life has been touched by cancer. Volunteers in the Library help assist cancer patients, family members and visitors with information about cancer and cancer treatments.

3. Butterfly garden

Interested in this opportunity? Click here to apply now!

Interested in learning more? Call The Volunteer Coordinator at (309) 451-8500

New! Children’s Discovery Museum

Volunteers spend their time interacting and playing with our visitors, help us keep the museum tidy, lead free programming and assist with with education classes in and out of the museum!

All volunteers complete a 90 minute orientation and a background check (if over 18) before they join the fun. Orientations last 90 minutes.

Interested in this opportunity? email:

Interested in learning more? call 309-433-3453 for more information.

New! Boys & Girls Club

Volunteer job description:

Help with after school homework, tutoring, computer learning and fun, game room/gym/outside activities, fundraisers, holiday planning, carnivals, special events, etc.

Assist in promoting members interest in educational and recreational program activities. Assist and maintain proper care, upkeep and operation of equipment used in program activity areas.

We ask our volunteers interested in working with youth to commit to coming to the Club at least one day a week for the semester* (September 2 – December 19; January 5 – May 29). You will be with the same child or group of children for the entire semester to build stronger relationships with our youth.

Interested in this opportunity? Click here for more information and the volunteer application form. 


New! Bloomington Public Library

Volunteer position: Book Shoppe.
Requirements for the job:
1. Accuracy is the key to successfully completing the responsibilities of this opportunity—great attention to detail is necessary for performing these duties accurately
2. Ability to follow written and verbal directions, learn assigned tasks, and adhere to prescribed routines
3. Ability to provide friendly, quality service to both internal and external customers
4. Ability to clearly communicate in the English language
Have access to and user knowledge of an active email account
5. Ability to transport books and other materials
6. Ability to bend, kneel, stretch, lift, and push up to 50 pounds
Interested in this opportunity? email for more information.


New! Big Brothers Big Sisters

1. Community-Based Mentoring: The Community-Based setting allows for Bigs to spend time Littles exploring parks, visiting museums, taking in sporting events, catching a movie together – any place that sounds like fun to you and your Little Brother or Sister. The times and possibilities are up to you.

2. Site-Based Mentoring: The Site-Based model allows for the mentor to visit their Little in the child’s school, after school program, or at another youth-serving agency. BBBS is affiliated with approximately 25 schools, as well as 6 additional youth service organizations. This format allows for the match to meet in a more structured environment than out in the community, usually for about an hour per week. For some volunteers this is a better fit because of the option to have their lunch break with their Little, at the child’s school, and the fact that it can fit neatly into a work and family routine.

3. Child waiting-list activities: “Big For a Day” programming program is great for volunteers who want to pitch in and help the organization, but don’t have the time to devote to weekly mentoring. These are events that often pair mentors for a fun, one-time activity such as bowling, kickball or a cookout. There are usually 100 children or more on our waiting list at any given time, and it is important to help these kids feel included in our program until they meet their mentors. Big For a Day is a way of giving the children and community members an opportunity to take part in BBBS events. It also keeps us in face-to-face contact with Waiting List families so we can make the best match possible for each child.

4. Internship Program: Interns with our agency often come to us through a Social Service course of study at area universities. While working with us they shadow staff for a realistic preview of work with youth-service organizations, help monitor successful matches, market to new volunteers, organize special event fundraisers and add a community leadership element to their resumes.

5. Sponsor a Child: This program connects your business or organization to Sponsor a Child for involvement with our program. Through your sponsorship you receive a photograph of the child and his or her mentor, along with a quarterly report outlining the child’s development since the match began. This interaction with our agency is a great opportunity to support our program, and provides updated information so you can share first-hand knowledge of the impact BBBS makes on our community. Two sponsorship levels exist in each of our counties – a $500 contribution sponsors a child to enroll for services. $1,000 sponsors the making of a new match. Our policy is to provide program services at no charge to families and volunteers.


Interested in this opportunity? Signup for here now!

Interested in learning more? Click here to visit BBBS of McLean County!

Contact us:

(217) 428-4240


New! American Red Cross

1. National opportunities at American Red Cross: helping people in emergencies, providing half the nation’s blood supply, teaching first aid and CPR courses, delivering emergency messages to members of the military, organizing programs for the elderly and for youth.

2. Local opportunities (at Heartland): office support, working with youth initiatives, disaster and blood services.

Interested in contributing to our community? Act now and apply here.

Interested in learning more about American Red Cross? Click here to visit the website.

Volunteer Opportunity: Saturday 10/18!


If anyone is looking for a volunteer opportunity, here’s your chance! This Saturday morning there is a vast need for volunteers to help run a 5K in honor of an IWU Alum who was the first American to sacrifice himself during the Operation Iraqi Freedom. We need to get 60 volunteers and YOU can help! All you would do is help direct the runners until the end. It’s from 7:20 am-9:30 am this Saturday. It will begin at the IWU track so please, if you have time, sign up! And spread the word to everyone who might be interested: they don’t necessarily have to be IWU students. Sign up ASAP if you’re interested!

Here’s the Link!

Karin Unruh and Ara Holiday: Fall Seminar ’09

iwu heart

The goal of this project was to connect two communities in an effort to make them one. Building a relationship between Downtown Bloomington and Illinois Wesleyan University would benefit individuals living and working downtown, Illinois Wesleyan University students, and the community in general. To begin cultivating a relationship between Downtown Bloomington and Wesleyan, we created a scavenger hunt for Wesleyan students. By bringing students to Downtown Bloomington they will become more aware of what their Downtown has to offer!

Brittany Morrison: Spring Internship ’09

Prairie State Legal Services

Prairie State Legal Services Project:

Brittany Morrison worked with Prairie State Legal Services to conduct a presentation to community stakeholders on “Foreclosures in Today’s Legal and Economic Environment. Prairie State Legal Services is an organization who provides legal services to low-income residents. Brittany’s presentation focused on national, state, and local foreclosure rates as well as explaining the ins-and-outs of foreclosure law. Brittany also helped organize the Second Annual Socratic Challenge, a trivia fundraiser for Prairie State Legal Services held at the Den at Fox Creek in Bloomington.

Sara Baldocchi: Assessment Curriculum for IWU Student Involvement ’08

iwu heart

Colleges and universities desire to help mold well-rounded students who are academically motivated and are active participants in the world around them. Although the time spent in the classroom is crucial to a student’s development, the participation in extracurricular activities is just as imperative. It has been found in countless studies that participating in extracurricular activities of any kind positively affects student learning and development. Focus studies and surveys were given to IWU students in order to assess student involvement.

Hayley Strege: Spring Internship ’08

heartland head start

Heartland Head Start Projects:

I interned this spring with Heartland Head Start and although I primarily worked with one bilingual preschool class, I also partnered with one of the Family Resource Advisors (FRAs – essentially social case workers) in meeting families’ needs. Therefore, the mixture of social service agency, educative facility, and one-on-one interactions with children and families was just what I was looking for to combine the interests reflective of my majors!

A Note from Hayley:

My interest in Heartland Head Start stemmed from my majors in sociology and Hispanic Studies. I was looking for an opportunity to use the Spanish language in a social service atmosphere. I discovered that Heartland Head Start was a wonderful fit for me! My interest in bilingual preschool education has greatly increases, and I hope to work with related agencies in some capacity in the future. I want to thank Dr. Sikora for both overseeing and challenging me to accept the responsibility of this internship and to leave something with the organization. Thank you so much again!

Heidi Adams: CPP Internship ’08

american red cross heartland

State Farm Projects:

At State Farm, I worked in Public Affairs on the Green Team Initiative. I worked on a large variety of projects, but the majority were focused on internal and external communication of the Green Initiative. Basically, State Farm is pretty green and has been working on it for a while, but nobody knows about it, so I was trying to fix that problem. I gave many presentations to a variety of groups (ranging from interns to senior employees) about State Farm’s Green Initiatives.

Red Cross  of the Heartland Community Projects:

My non-profit assignment was with the American Red Cross of the Heartland in Bloomington. I created a Community Disaster Education for Renters program. I started with a student survey and lots of research to find out what information people are missing when it comes to renting property. I ended up creating brochures, curriculum, gave presentations, and began the plans for a Renters Awareness Week that would (hopefully) occur in October 2008.